The wine connoisseur


As I arrived his clear relief that I had actually turned up was evident, as was the empty bottle of wine that sat on the table next to the other half-drunken bottle – sitting down and eyeing up the pre-poured glass of wine, that sat just millimeters away.

I had to endure 20 painfully un-interesting facts about wine thrown at me before I was even allowed a sip! –  I have never lusted after an alcoholic beverage so much in my life!

I then watched in repulsion as he practically downed the next bottle of wine (I barely had a few sips of my own glass and I’m pretty sure by his slurring that this was his 3rd  bottle) and that’s when it dawned on me – is this how I come across after I’ve consumed a substantial amount of wine?   A woman drunk on wine (if anything like me) is not a pretty sight! – but a man drunk on wine is just a whole other level that I have never experienced, nor ever want to again.  (more…)



Being the Queen of misinterpreting signals (much to my own humiliation). I have come face to face with rejection more times than I care to remember. So, Here are my top tips on what to do next… (more…)

The perks of being single


Having spent the evening with my favourite bosom buddy ‘Blossom Hill’ and losing myself in a full blown Bridget Jones marathon (which naturally resulted in a slight white wine melt down as I evaluated my life), I came to the conclusion that I was slowly becoming Miss B Jones herself or at the very least a version of! (more…)