Sunshine, Drinks & Stalking


For the past month or so, I have been rather absent from my blog.

I would like to say, I have met the love of my life. Binned the Tinder and am currently planning a round the world trip with my incredibly handsome boyfriend, but that would be a lie.

Instead, I’ve been enjoying the hot weather and socialising a little too much – so much so that my liver has sent me a holiday request form! (I probably should let her have some time off)

Since my last post 

  • I accidentally stalked a guy – All the humiliating details will be revealed in my next post!
  • Gained 2 creepy admirers – That just so happen to be my neighbours.
  • Created a fake boyfriend – To ward off creepy neighbours; It’s not worked as one now thinks ‘I’m playing hard to get’ and the other believes we have a ‘secret thing’

Oh and did I mention…I turned 28! I’m officially creeping the ladder to 30 and one step closer to my ever impending spinsterhood.


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