Men Of Tinder


After yet another horrific tinder date (see previous post -The City Slicker ) and his bizarre need to send me unwanted cock shots!?! I felt compelled to write this…

We do not want to see your flaccid microscopic manhood flashing up on our phone screens. – It’s very awkward when you’re travelling on London transport and the person next to you is being overly nosy!

We laugh at your ‘come hither’ photos of you lying naked, seductively sprawled across your bed. – We know it took you 20 odd attempts to get that ‘perfect shot’.

And we laugh even more when our mutual friends pop up!

So men of tinder, I urge you to put your penises away and have some dignity…Don’t be that guy.



  1. Hahahaaa! This made me chuckle. The shots of men lying on a pillow reallyyyyy make me cringe. Also, have had to dent a few ego’s when sent pics like that… I don’t know what makes them think that they’re actually pretty to look at. ;P

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  2. Penis pics are usually sent as a power play. They’re mostly meant to shock us, like a visual assault. Sometimes, women will reciprocate with naked crotch shots, so this just reinforces bad behavior. I’ve learned to simply ignore, delete, and block without a response.


  3. And I thought only gay guys did sent dick pics. Silly me. Gay guys usually send raging erection pics, not flaccid pics.


  4. You must realize that horniness for guys can easily overpower our rational brains. We’re visual creatures and we’re thinking, “Man, I’d like to see that chick naked.” And our horniness goes, “Therefore she wants to see your weiner!” Such is the curse that is male horniness.

    Also, you’ve been nominated:


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