The perks of being single


Having spent the evening with my favourite bosom buddy ‘Blossom Hill’ and losing myself in a full blown Bridget Jones marathon (which naturally resulted in a slight white wine melt down as I evaluated my life), I came to the conclusion that I was slowly becoming Miss B Jones herself or at the very least a version of!

Most of my friends are engaged, living together and/or have children. I on the other hand am none of these things and my only responsibility in life is my cat…and sometimes I am even terrible at that.

But then I realised that I’ve actually got the best end of this deal:

  1. I can sit lounging around all day, make-up free and wearing very unflattering clothes…and it doesn’t matter!
  2. I can sit (in the same very unattractive and unflattering clothes) consuming my whole body weight in wine and chocolate and not have a judgemental male staring at me making me feel guilty.
  3. I can waltz around wearing a Sudocrem face mask and basically looking like a ghost whenever I like – without being laughed at!
  4. I can watch ‘Snapped: Women who kill’ without a boyfriend hiding all the knives and growing suspicious of me.
  5. Being child-free – I can wake up whenever I like.
  6. I can spend all of my money on shoes and it is completely o.k!
  7. I can unashamedly and freely be a crazy cat woman.
  8. I can go out with friends at the drop of a hat.
  9. I do not have to deal with the ‘where are you?’ phone calls.
  10. Basically I can do whatever I like – whenever I like!

What are your perks of being single?


  1. Alot of my girlfriends have been very controlling, and literally where they know (and said) that I’m that nice of a guy that they were always petrified I’d not want them anymore etc,

    Scarlett wanted to me see life in a different way, and to be honest she picked at me a lot for a lot of little different things and it got to the point where there became more negatives than positives so being single has helped me kinda feel handsome and comfortable in my own skin again I lost so much confidence and happiness with depression that I’ve changed so much because of it, I think it’s just nice not having someone tell me off for staying up late or eating something unhealthy or spending my money on something I dot particularly need haha


    1. It sounds your much better off without her, sometimes it’s more damaging staying in relationships!

      I think being single, puts everything into perspective! You begin to realise your worth, what you will & won’t tolerate and what you ultimately are looking for in a relationship / partner!

      And that’s why we’ve got the best end of the deal! :)


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