The Do’s & Don’ts of a first date


Over this past year I have learnt quite a lot about the dating world and all the Do’s & Don’ts – So, here are my essential top tips for a first date…

What NOT to do on a first date with someone that you actually quite like –

  1. Drinking more than you should (if you’re seeing double – Stop)
  2. Accidentally nervously talk about yourself too much
  3. Drink Wine
  4. Openly & honestly expose all your bad points!
  5. Do over 3 shots together
  6. Talk about ex’s
  7. Drink copious amounts of gin & tequila – unless u can handle it!
  8. Talk about online dating too much
  9. Order the messiest food on the menu (it will end up all over your face, dress & teeth!)
  10. Talk about other dates you’ve been on
  11. Mistaking being witty for actually being insulting
  12. Always remember Double Vodka’s are not your friend
  13. Talk about your next date together
  14. Drunkenly throw yourself at him (in the sober light of day the flashbacks will horrify you!)

What TO DO on a date with someone that you don’t actually like –

  • Do all of the above!


These are my first date rules – what are yours?



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