Being the Queen of misinterpreting signals (much to my own humiliation). I have come face to face with rejection more times than I care to remember. So, Here are my top tips on what to do next…

What to do when faced with rejection –

  1. Drink wine
  2. Blasts out terrible cheesy music whilst you drink more wine
  3. Eat as much chocolate as you can until your throw up
  4. Dance around your room to said cheesy music
  5. Call your girlfriends
  6. Arrange a girl’s night out
  7. Plaster your best make up on
  8. Sex your hair up
  9. Slap on some Red Lipstick
  10. Paint your nails
  11. Slide into your sexiest tight dress (unless its a bloated day due to the amount of chocolate that was consumed the night before, in which case get your big girl knickers on – also known as spanx! )
  12. Put your hottest pair of heels on (pain is beauty)
  13. Drink more wine
  14. Delete their phone number – Facebook- whatsapp – email – snapchat
  15. Do not drunk dial or message them through any of the above (you will regret that in the sober light of day!)
  16. Join tinder

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