Familiar Faces…


On Saturday night, whilst out on a cocktail fuelled evening, I found myself surrounded by some very familiar faces…

At first I thought nothing of it and just assumed that I had probably seen them out in one of the bars earlier on…it wasn’t until I had arm wrestled my way through the crowds of congregating people, all hoarding around the bar, that I somehow fell into a dispute with the man next to me – as to who would be served first.

After giving him my famous death glare, in the hope that he would bow down and let me order my drink first, my eyes suddenly caught sight of a familiar looking tattoo on his arm.

SHIT! This was one of my Tinder guys…I quickly shut my mouth, stood as still as possible and held my breath – in my intoxicated state I seemed to believe that this would work the same as Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

Apparently it does not! It just led him to believe that he had won the argument (an argument that I was clearly winning – before I saw that tattoo). So I just stood there with a lack of oxygen – having a silent freak out – hoping that he would not realise that this drunk, obnoxious cocktail fiend was the same person that he had been exchanging messages with all day!

Walking back from bar, suddenly, every guy’s face began to slot into place. They all looked familiar because I had seen them before – on Tinder! I had literally become a walking-talking-human Tinder app.

After the revelations of this weekend I have decided to expand my location settings as I don’t want to be bumping into any more of my Tinder matches so unexpectedly. Yet knowing my luck it would be whilst I am looking somewhat dishevelled and in the middle of Primark, having an ‘I saw that dress first’ altercation – which is never a pretty sight!

Have any of you accidently & unintentionally come face to face with any of your Tinder guys?

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