Ex – Boyfriends


Over the past few weeks I have come across some exceptionally gorgeous men on Tinder, only to discover on an unfortunate closer inspection that I could under no circumstances press yes, much to my disappointment.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tinder, it is a dating app that is accessed through Facebook. At first this did put me off through fear – that it would dramatically plaster itself all over my homepage and everybody else’s for that matter – but luckily that is not that case!

What it does do is show your shared interests and mutual friends, which can either be a pretty good thing or in my case an instant kiss of death.

So far I have had pretty much every one of my ex-boyfriends pop up on my screen, invoking screams as I involuntarily threw the phone across the room (which luckily landed on my sofa). I think it is safe to say that seeing an ex on a dating app or site is not something anyone wants to come across. Of course then there is the realisation that if you have seen them, then you have definitely popped up on their screen too…

After getting over that initial ‘blast from the past’ cringe moment, I was then greeted by an extensive collection of all of their incredibly good looking friends, some that I personally knew and others that I did not, but who I had previously had every intention of pressing yes too! These guys were also insanely hot… until I saw the dreaded shared friends list – they were all somehow connected to at least one of my ex’s.

Some of my friends have absolutely no shame and they have no issue with pressing yes to their ex’s, ex’s friend or the related circle of friends, but this is a complete ‘No Go’ area for me and tortuous when their friends are incredibly good looking!

Have any of you come across any of your ex – boyfriends yet?


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